Aston Martin DB9 GT: The ultimate conclusion

Aston Martin DB9 GT: The ultimate conclusion


The DB9 has graced our presence for more than a decade and the beautiful lines and brutish V12 deserved a swansong. The DB9 GT certainly provides that fitting tribute.

The NEW DB11 is here and with that a new era for Aston Martin dawns but in the meantime we’ve got something well worth celebrating and it looks rather good for its years and will do for years to come.

The DB9 is a timeless, stunning design and with the subtle styling additions to the GT the lines look as modern now as they did over 10 years ago, it really is still jaw-drop gorgeous and the only car that has everybody in agreement, I’ve never met anyone yet who dislikes the elegant, muscular lines of the DB9, I doubt you have either.


The DB9 GT is equally wonderful to drive, a real ‘guide and glide’ type of supercar that goes about its business with accessable elegance. The moment you push the Aston Martin key to start the engine you know you’re in for a treat, very few engines sound this good, it creates an almost biblical roar as the 12 cylinders fire into action, add the deep exhaust note to the symphony and this looking and sounding like motoring heaven.

The 6.0-litre V12’s power has been boosted by 30bhp to 540bhp for the GT and although performance figures on paper do not appear as ridiculous as some of the competition, on tarmac they translate very well indeed delivering an unhurried, classy shove in the back, it feels much faster than the numbers suggest though I suspect this might be due to the soundtrack that accompanies you on the journey. All these elements make the GT an incredibly rewarding car to drive, the neutrality of handling coupled with the predictable power delivery encourages you to be involved without feeling dissolved when you arrive which after all is what a GT car should do but the DB9 does it so well you won’t want to stop.

Aston Martin DB9 GT
You can drive like this for a very long time in the DB9 GT and arrive feeling ready for the return leg

Inside you’re treated to beautiful hand-stitched leather seats and console complimented by attractive carbon inlays, the steering wheel is clad in Alcantara which gives a solid grip for when you decide to step up the pace. Everything in the cabin oozes quality and is a strong match for the exterior. Some of the in-car connectivity is starting to feel dated now but you forgive the Aston this as it’s so good in every other department. There’s room in the +2 seats for very small children only but the trunk is ample enough for luggage for two.

Aston Martin DB9 GT Interior
Oh, how very Aston Martin… the cockpit feels bespoke and happens to be a very nice place to spend a lot of time.

Aston Martin DB9 GT Seats 56-2016-aston-martin-db9-gt

The biggest test for the DB9 GT is how desirable it is with the birth of the DB11, but as a decision maker the DB11 shouldn’t really enter the mix as the two cars represent very different propositions, one a very modern supercar to take on the edgy competitors with the sub four second sprint times and 200mph top speeds and the other a sublime example of how things were done before there were rules and regulations, add to that the fact that prices on the DB9 will start to look very attractive and I’d take a stab at saying the big, natural V12 is a keeper, after all they’ll never be another one like her and it’s the ultimate celebration of the DB9. 

Aston Martin DB9 GT rear
Fast, easy to enjoy and absolutely stunning, what’s not to like?

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