Bizav Breaks – Underwater Room, Tanzania

Bizav Breaks – Underwater Room, Tanzania


Pemba’s reefs, shoals, and wreck sites are highly regarded for diving – so it’s a cert that you’ll find yourself being eyed by aquatic wildlife. Sharks are rare

AS hotels worldwide build upwards, this underwater room in the Indian Ocean bucks the trend and is a vertigo-sufferers delight.

Designed by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, the free-floating capsule is a part of the low-key Manta Resort on Pemba, a tropical island with just one tarred road. The private island-ette 250m offshore has a double bedroom 12ft under, a lounge on the landing deck for food and drink, and a roof terrace to take in the azure sea.


The cosy 100ft2 bedroom doubles up as your private aquarium of Indian Ocean and schools of fish are your daily wallpaper (if you see a trumpet fish, that’s most likely to be Nick… he’s a regular) and after the sun goes down, underwater spotlights makes your submarine view yet more magical. Kayak, snorkel, and fins are provided.

Pemba Island is a part of Zanzibar Archipelago in Tanzania. A traditional wooden boat can transport you from the island to your buoyant villa.



Fly there
Pemba Island has its own airport to accommodate chartered flights and private jets. The resort arranges airport pickup for an extra cost, but the ride to the resort will be a bumpy one, it warns.

Pemba Airport
IATA code: PMA
Runway length: 5003ft/1525m
Elevation: 80ft/24.3m

Psv-zanzibar estate, Pemba Island, Tanzania
Rates US$1500/nt