Etihad Airways Engineering targets VIP aircraft

Etihad Airways Engineering targets VIP aircraft


Etihad Airways Engineering, the largest commercial aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider in the Middle East, has announced that it will extend its aircraft maintenance and engineering services to VIP aircraft.

Strategically located in one of the most prominent hubs of VIP operators, Etihad Airways Engineering has developed a strong capability to offer VIP operators value-added heavy maintenance services along with full cabin removal, refurbishment and reinstallation.

The company is currently carrying out heavy maintenance on a VIP Airbus A320 aircraft project in collaboration with French cabin interior specialist Aircraft Interior Products (AIP), a Finaero company, and its newly Dubai based entity AIP-Greenline, Aviation Interiors. More VIP aircraft projects are on the cards in the coming months.

“We will leverage our long-standing experience in maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft from the Airbus A300 to the latest platforms like the A380 and the Boeing 787, along with our expertise and exponentially growing cabin capability to perform heavy checks for Airbus Corporate Jets and Boeing Business Jets,” said Jeff Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Airways Engineering.

“Our intent is not to become a VIP completion centre, but the one-stop destination for heavy checks for VIP aircraft in the region and beyond.”


Etihad Airways Engineering was the first organisation in the Middle East to be granted an extended Part21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA) by EASA to undertake major cabin design and modification, and is fully equipped to design and certify major changes to cabin interiors, galleys or other interior equipment and related structure, and environmental and electrical systems.

The company recently became the first airline MRO organisation in the region to be granted a Part21G Production Organisation Approval (POA) by EASA, which entitles it to manufacture interior parts such as seat covers, carpets, curtains, decals and markings alongside composite and other cabin structures and release them with an EASA Airworthiness Certificate.

Etihad Airways Engineering also holds an approval from the EASA to design and certify 3D-printed parts for aircraft interiors.