Garmin Upgrades Pilot App

Garmin Upgrades Pilot App

Garmin Pilot App

Garmin has integrated weight and balance calculations, as well as aircraft performance tables and calculations within the Garmin Pilot app on Apple mobile devices.

Also new to Garmin Pilot, Freehand flight planning allows for flight plan editing from the moving map page. Pilot-configurable checklists are also integrated within Garmin Pilot, providing pilots the option to create custom checklists accessible within the app.

Garmin Pilot Customizable Home Screen
Garmin Pilot provides an all-in-one solution

“We continue to pack more features and incorporate more capabilities into Garmin Pilot to provide our customers with a premier, all-inclusive application,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

“Pilots have been requesting an all-in-one app that merges their flight plan with other information pertaining to the flight, such as performance calculations, weight and balance and more.” 

Garmin Pilot is the first application that incorporates weight and balance calculations into a flight plan or a saved trip, taking into account fuel burn and more characteristics throughout an entire flight.

Performance tables calculate climb, cruise and decent profiles so pilots can reference performance characteristics specific to their aircraft. 

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