Merry-making in Bordeaux just got more opulent, thanks to La Grande Maison. Opened in December in central Bordeaux, the elegant Napolean III-style hotel is the brainchild of Joël Robuchon, the world’s most-awarded Michelin chef, and Bernard Magrez, a formidable wine magnate whose properties include four Grands Crus Classés.

The two industry figureheads joined forces in the hope of bringing Michelin-level gastronomy to the city known for premium wine and fine art.

GM_141119_0763This is the lodge for epicures. There is no spa, no gym, no luxury fashion boutiques, but food and drink just can’t get better. The 42-table Gourmet Restaurant serves Robuchon’s celebrated classics, such as caviar jelly in cauliflower cream and candied tart of truffles, under gargantuan Baccarat chandeliers. In relaxing lounge L’Olivier, guests can enjoy a casual bite (think parma ham pizza and traditional grilled steaks) with a glass of wine from the hotel’s top-notch cellar, which stocks 259 Grands Crus Classés de Bordeaux and similar wines.


La Grande Maison
The stunning interiors are matched by the quality cuisine and cellar

“I am interested in revisiting some typical dishes from traditional French cuisine using the wonderful products from the South-East, made even greater by its fantastic wines,” said Robuchon.

“I am going to surround myself with the best people and my goal is to reach 3-star standard. After that, it’s up to the Michelin Guide to decide.”