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Architects, designers and anyone who ever enjoyed LEGO or Minecraft will love ARCKIT – the hottest grown-up toy this Christmas.

Seeing as it’s Christmas, P1 has decided to let its hair down and bring you one of the hottest ‘toys’ of the year. Except it’s not really a toy, unless you happen to be an architect – the exact people who designed this devilishly addictive modelling system.


In fact, for anyone brought up on Lego who has since had kids that upgraded to Minecraft, ARCKIT (see what they did there?) is sure to be a big hit this holiday.

ArcKit is an award-winning architectural modelling system that let’s you design, build and modify all kinds of contemporary structures.

The system uses interconnecting components that are based on modern panelled building techniques, making it possible to create a diverse range of scaled structures that can be quickly assembled and endlessly modified.

Even better, rather than ending up with some rainbow-coloured monstrosity that resembles a lump of Skittles, ARCKIT has its own ARCKITTEXTURE library where you can access, download and print everything from stone walls to wooden flooring or terracotta tiles – so your dream house looks just so.


Every ARCKIT component is made on a standard 1.2m/4ft modular grid to a scale of 1:48. This is only fractionally smaller than the 1:50 scale normally used by architects, and allows for easy conversion between metric and imperial. It’s also a popular scale with model manufacturers, making ARCKIT compatible with many other model products such as model vehicles, figurines and furniture.

And once the physical fun is over, your model can be used with ARCKIT DIGITAL for compatibility with 3D computer models, allowing you to recreate your designs using SketchUp in Trimble’s 3D Warehouse. This means that you can easily calculate component quantities necessary to build a physical model of your design, and virtually share and showcase your 3D computer models.


ARCKIT was invented by architect Damien Murtagh who realised the value of presenting a physical model to clients far outweighed any drawing. In 2009 he began to investigate ways of improving current methods while taking inspiration from a contemporary building system he was developing. Five years and numerous prototypes later, he had invented the world’s first architect’s reusable scaled model building design kit.

Just like LEGO, and Minecraft, the possibilities with this system are endless and new components and online extras are continually being developed.

Developed in Ireland, Various ARCKIT systems are now on sale in Barnes&Noble stores across the US, and select outlets around the world, including Harrod’s in London. Just do yourself a favour and keep it away from the kids…

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