Keep On Top Of Your Fleet With Traxxall

Keep On Top Of Your Fleet With Traxxall


An Ops Manager’s greatest nightmare can be keeping on top of maintenance for aircraft. The latest solution is Traxxall

Keeping on top of maintenance can test the greatest of minds, and often equates to reams paper and huge Excel spreadsheets that only one person can understand. But Traxxall has created a new aircraft maintenance programme to relieve some of that pressure by putting everything into one system.

Traxxall has developed a purpose-built system to help fleet managers track maintenance on fleet aircraft, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect aircraft residual values.

The system is available for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, covering all segments of business aviation. Every make and model of aircraft is listed in a standard template.

Traxxall was founded by a group of aviation professionals who designed the system drawing on decades of industry experience and the recognition of a market need for significant improvements over current solutions.

The new system includes customisable screens and reports, a cloud-based architecture that provides unequalled system speed, and redundancy. The team have also built an accompanying app so all details can be updated on the go.

G5000 Beechjet 400A

One of Traxxall’s unique features is a ‘Holding Area’ that acts as a digital in-tray where clients control the revisions on their aircraft. From here, users can accept, reject, or defer the changes. Accepted items will be automatically added to the aircraft; items rejected or deferred can be reconsidered at any time in the future, and stored in the Repository, which helps provides greater transparency.

Another feature unique to Traxxall is also a first, in automating the process of ADs issued by the FAA, Transport Canada (TC), EASA and Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), the Brazilian aviation regulatory body, automatically assembling new ADs as they are issued.

George Tsopeis, President of Traxxall [and, in his former guise as a market and valuations guru, a P1 contributor] said: “We let the market shape the system and designed it based on specific feedback from clients on how they want to manage their aircraft. Whether you’re an owner, operator, Director of Maintenance or a CAMO, you can customise the system for your needs.

“Technology is one part of the solution. We know 24/7 support is vital to our customers, so are focused on providing the highest level of service. We’re delighted with the positive reaction that the market is showing to this combination of technology and service.”

Costs depend on number and type of aircraft and are on a subscription basis. “We are confident that the rates are the most competitive in the sector,” added Traxxall’s Murray Sutherland.