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Legend Bespoke Personal Tech 

Not content with a generic smartphone? Give Legend a call and they’ll bring some bling to your ring.

Today many of us have become inseparable from our tech and while Apple and Samsung try to lure us in with the latest sleek, minimalist design, some people have begun to crave products that have a more personal, bespoke appearance.

The high-end technology accessories maker, Legend, appears to have the answer.

Aiming to bring the most luxurious and exclusive consumer electronics to the market, the Helsinki-based company allows customers to create and design luxury smartphones which feel unique and personal to them.


Legend’s clients are also offered the services of a designer to assist in the development of their ideas and provide them with advice for custom logos, diamond inlays, custom laser or hand engravings and alternative materials usage. Each phone is housed in a luxury presentation box with a premium leather folder for the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

Legend was the first company to specialise in bespoke services for smartphones and says that the reason the company stands out from the competition is high quality materials and craftsmanship. According to Legend, 90% of other luxury tech companies simply buy-in their products (mostly gold-plated iPhone housings) from a third-party supplier for US$100-US$200. Legend, however, uses a team of highly skilled experts from areas such as hand engraving, stone-setting, plating and finishing to create a totally unique product.

Legend’s latest line offers customised Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus smartphones in a choice of three elegant designs – named Momentum, Sampo, and Classique.


With a price tag of EU13,500 (US$14,900), Momentum and Sampo feature complex designs and a solid gold logo, VS1 grade diamonds, a solid silver frame with gold, platinum, black rhodium or rose gold plating, premium crocodile leather, hand engraved details and various other optional features. The Momentum model features more than 600 diamonds.

The Classique model, which will set customers back EU3,100 (US$3,425) is made from plated metal, giving clients the choice of gold, platinum, rose gold or black rhodium. This plating can be customised with features such as a custom laser or hand engraving, a custom logo or even diamond studded bezel.

Perhaps the company’s most luxurious product is the new Tempo Apple Watch. This has intricate hand engravings which require over 30 hours of work and represent the art of hand engraving at its finest. For those who love diamonds Legend offers a VVS1 grade diamond studded housing. The range of straps available are made of authentic premium grade leathers with the option between crocodile, stingray, ostrich or sharkskin. A gold, rose gold or chrome clasp with the customer’s initials engraved as a monogram comes as a standard feature.

For Android users, Legend offers the made-to-order standard Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, available in 18K gold, 24K gold, rose gold, 950 platinum or black rhodium plating.

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