M600 Celebrates EASA Certification

M600 Celebrates EASA Certification


Piper today announced the M600 EASA certification after a process that seemingly was a source of frustration for Piper.

With FAA certification in June of 2016 it was felt that the EASA certification wouldn’t be too far behind. But with a full year taken to achieve EASA certification, Piper CEO Simon Caldecott put the delay down to the amount of work that goes into certification from an EASA and Piper standpoint.

He paid tribute to those involved and certainly seemed a man relieved that it was finally here.

With revenue up by 60% year on year, Archer deliveries up by 68% and in the middle of a successful M600 demo tour of Europe, Caldecott had the disposition of a man enjoying his five years at the helm of a company that required a fast turnaround when he joined.

The M600 tour started with the Trans-Atlantic crossing via the Azores. With an average speed of 266 knots the M600 burnt 44 gallons per hour. Impressive figures for the turboprop.

P1 asked him where he felt he was on his plans and he bullishly said he was 100% complete on his five-year plan and 60% on his ten-year plan.

With 12 certifications under his belt during his tenure thus far, you’d be hard pushed to find a CEO as happy as Caldecott at EBACE this year.