Montblanc e-Strap

Montblanc e-Strap


Montblanc’s e-Strap finally
makes wearable bearable

Wearable technology may have been the buzz phrase for 2014 but it was also synonymous with garish gadgets that most people wouldn’t want to be seen dead in. Luckily for discerning denizens, Montblanc has come up with an ingenious solution that means you can match the style of your TimeWalker wristwatch with the new e-Strap solution.

At first glance it will seem as if you have your usual timepiece on your wrist, but the e-Strap comes with a discreet screen on the reverse that connects to your smartphone.

As well as being able to check incoming messages, emails and notifications with a subtle flick of the wrist, the e-Strap can also monitor physical activity to show calories burned, distance travelled and other useful metrics.

The strap also enables remote control of your smartphone as well as having a life-saving Find-Me function that can find your phone or watch within a 30-metre radius.

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, the e-Strap will be available from June 2015 and will be accompanied by three new Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed models. While the smart e-Strap is optional, it’s wise to invest in the tech when it looks this good.



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