Range Rover: King of the road

Range Rover: King of the road

Range Rover

Range Rover: King of the road

The latest and fourth generation of the legendary Range Rover is still King of the SUVs and now looks like taking some luxury limousine crowns too.

Range Rover was launched in 1970 and is only in its fourth generation in 46 years. Although it has always been ahead of its rivals in luxury each successive generation improved and this incarnation is a stunning limo and an off-road genius.

Original Range Rover
The original Range Rover was launched in 1970

Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and now Bentley have joined the party and other manufacturers are improving their options but the Range Rover stands out.

The build quality is beautifully aligned with the exterior, a match for any of the high-end limousines we’ve driven recently which does suggest Range Rover have given the model a broader appeal amongst potential buyers. If it drives like a limo and at the flick of a button transforms into a world leading off-roader, what’s not to like? There’s also an array of optional toys for the occupants whether its TVs for the kids or Internet connectivity for the businessman.

Range Rover
The Range Rover is simply a delight to drive

Depending on how you option the car you’ll be surrounded by a modern feeling cabin with the sumptuous 22-way adjustable leather seating that’s up there with the most comfortable we’ve ever sat in and when you add to that the commanding height of the Range Rover you’ll want to spend hours in here without feeling the rigours of travel.

Power is more than adequate, we drove the 3.0 Litre V6 that pumps out 258bhp which feels powerful and useable in all situations.

Whichever engine you opt for the Range Rover is lovely to drive, it wafts you to your destination.


The eight-speed transmission is equally smooth and adds to the unhurried progress. Inside the cabin is near silent at most speeds and allows for normal conversation between front and rear passengers at all speeds.

One thing is missing from this latest Range Rover offering though, and that’s body roll – there is virtually none which a huge benefit in a car of this size and weight meaning if you do need to hurry then you can and the adaptive damping air-suspension will deal with whatever is thrown at it.

Range Rover SUV
The Range Rover invented the market for luxury SUVs that everyone is trying to cash in on

The fourth generation Range Rover is an evolutionary success that echoes the key notes of the original car from over 40 years ago, I’m sure Gordon Bashford and Spen King would be happy with the result, it’s still a luxury go anywhere car as it was back then, the difference now is it’s as good as the best limousines out there too and that surely makes this new Range Rover the SUV of Kings, Queens and businessmen alike.

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